• ACTING WITH EMOTION  is a four week class focusing on increasing the range of emotions that students can easily feel and express
  • You can take it by itself, or as part of our Acting Fundamental Certificate
  • For those working toward a certificate, it is the THIRD CLASS in the series, and is also called “Acting 103”.
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Class #117354:
Acting 103 Sunday Class
"Acting With Emotion"
Tuition: $155 + $10 reg. fee
Please note time change: Sundays 11 am-1 pm
6/24, 7/1, 7/8, 7/15 (four meetings)
Seattle: University of Washington
Maximum enrollment: 15. Spaces left: 13

Our goal as actors is to connect with the reality of the characters we’re portraying. This can include feeling and expressing strong emotions. Our characters may love the other characters in one scene; hate them, or be afraid of them, in the next; reconcile with them and forgive them in the next; then see the humor in the situation and find the whole thing crazy and funny, by the end of the movie or stage play. Acting can be a wild ride, with opportunities to feel and express a wide range of emotional arcs and possibilities.

In this four week class, we’ll do some  improv, group exercises and scene work exploring a range of emotions, including anger, fear, love,  aggression, apology, happiness, sadness and more, focusing on expanding our range as actors and moving beyond the pretense of emotion. This class can be taken by itself, or applied toward our Certificate Program in Acting


Your director may ask you to laugh, cry or get angry in a scene, or leave you to sort it all out. So it’s nice to have the feelings available if the script seems to move the characters in that direction.

NOTE: Please take this class BEFORE taking Acting With Emotion 2: Intermediate Level.

Nils Osmar, instructor