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ACTING INTENSIVE: THREE SCENES is a fun three week class. Students should be familiar with the concepts of identifying your character’s objective, obstacle, motivation and backstory. If you’re a total beginner, please do NOT sign up yet; take ACTING 101 and ACTING 102 first.

Looking for a fun and interesting challenge, while honing your acting skills and taking them to the next level? In this class, we’ll perform a DIFFERENT SCENE in each 2.5 hour meeting.

You’ll be given a short (one page) script as you come in the door, given tips on quick-memorization methods, put through some quick warm-ups to get you ready, then given 30 minutes to memorize the scene and get ready to perform it.

We’ll then block the scene, do some character work, and perform it in front of the class. Scenes will be filmed as they’re performed. We’ll then watch the performances, look at what works and doesn’t, look at ways to improve them, and perform them again.

Instructor: Nils Osmar