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Class 174614-3-4-19
"Acting Intensive: 3 Scenes"
Sat. 12pm-3pm 6/15, 6/22, 6/29
University of Washington campus
Max. enrollment: 12. Enrolled so far: 2

ACTING INTENSIVE: THREE SCENES is a fun three week Seattle acting class. Students should be familiar with the basics of sense memory, how to memorize, and script analysis. If you’re a total beginner, please take ACTING 101 and ACTING 102 first.

Looking for a fun and interesting acting class that will give you a chance to hone your acting skills and taking them to the next level? In this fun and challenging three week class, we’ll learn and perform a DIFFERENT SCENE in each 3 hour meeting. 

In the first meeting, you’ll be given a short (one page) script as you come in the door, given help with learning it using a quick-memorization method, given a chance to practice and rehearse it. We’ll then block the scene, make some quick and focused character choices, and perform it in front of the class.

For the SECOND MEETING, you’ll be given a short script to learn before class, and we’ll explore it both following the script tightly, and playing with “improving around the theme,” exploring and finding connections using improv — then blocking and performing it in front of the class.

In the THIRD MEETING, you’ll be given a scene to learn before class and asked to come up with your own blocking and action. We’ll film the performances in class, then study them, looking at what works and doesn’t, and how changing the blocking or choices we make as actors can bring different elements of the scenes into focus.

ACTING INTENSIVE: THREE SCENES is a fun class for sharpening your acting skills, diving into a project, challenging yourself in a fun way.

Instructor: Nils Osmar