NOTE: Students should have taken ACTING 101 before signing up. This can also be a useful class to take before taking LET’S MAKE A MOVIE.

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Class #89852: Acting for the Camera
Sat. 10/9, 10 a.m.-4 p.m
Tuition: $150 + $10 reg. fee

In this class, we’ll focus on developing our foundational CAMERA ACTING SKILLS. Whether you’re interested in acting on television; acting in commercials; acting in movies; or acting in independent films, this class is designed to help.

Students will practice their camera-acting techniques, learning to tailor their performance to the camera.

Some in-class performances will be filmed and watched in class using a pro camcorder, and students will be given feedback on both both what they’re doing well, and how to sharpen and improve their on-camera acting.

We’ll practice interacting with other actors on camera; learning how to let go of self-consciousness and forget you’re being filmed; learning how to walk to a mark; learning how to “size” your performance as the camera angles are varied, making  your performance larger or smaller, while staying true to your character and his or her motivation; and other skills associated with acting for the camera.