Please note: Our CERTIFICATE PROGRAM has recently been updated. One class (LET’S MAKE A MOVIE) has moved from the ACTING FUNDAMENTAL CERTIFICATE to the CAMERA ACTING CERTIFICATE, and been replaced by IMPROV 101. (If you’ve already taken LET’S MAKE A MOVIE as part of the AFC program, you can still apply it toward the AFC certificate.)

  • In the ACTING FOR THE CAMERA CERTIFICATE PROGRAM, students will get a great deal of film acting experience. Each quarter’s LET’S MAKE A MOVIE class is different. In one, you might do a dramatic role; in another, a comedic role; in another, an action role. At the end of the series, you’ll end up with several movies you’ve been in, which you can then use in your ACTOR REEL.
  • Working toward a certificate from REKINDLE SCHOOL is a fun way to organize your studies.
  • You will have up to two years to complete your certificate program. Most students can complete it in about a year.