Learn the basics of STAND-UP COMEDY in this fun, supportive, hands-on class

You’ll create original material, explore the business-side of stand-up, and have the opportunity to perform at a comedy club in front of a real audience. 

  • This is your chance to make a dream come true and get a head start if you choose to pursue comedy further. 
  • There are three classes in a classroom and then a performance in a real comedy venue here in Seattle!


  • You hear your name called and you know that it’s your time to shine. 
  • You walk on stage and confidently take the microphone. 
  • There’s an entire room full of people and it is your job to make them laugh with nothing more than the ideas you had in your head and the jokes you wrote. 
  • For some people, this would be a nightmare…but for you, because you’ve learned the skills necessary to succeed when you took the Beginning Stand-Up Comedy Class, this is a dream that you’re making come true
  • This is something you’ve always wanted to do…it is something you CAN do…and it will be a lot of fun to learn HOW to do it!

About the Instructor:

Peter Greyy is 15-year comedy veteran, an experienced and effective comedy coach, and the Director of Talent for both the San Francisco Comedy Competition and the Seattle International Comedy Competition.

Peter has performed Stand-Up Comedy across North America in comedy clubs, theaters and festivals--including multiple performances at both the Bridgetown Comedy Festival AND the Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival.  Peter has worked with many of today’s top comedians, including Jim Gaffigan, Mike Birbiglia and the late Joan Rivers.

In 2013, Peter was the headlining performer for an English-language comedy tour of the Balkan countries (Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina.)

In 2016, Peter wrote and curated a “1940’s Canteen” show where he played the role of Bob Hope.  He has been seen on NBC, G4TV, Seattle’s Evening Magazine on KING-5 tv as well as in a couple of documentary films about comedy.  As the Director of Talent for two of the largest, longest running and most prestigious comedy competitions in the world, Peter Greyy has been recognized as an excellent judge of stand-up talent.

Peter has been teaching the basics of stand-up comedy for a decade, joining Stu Stuart and then teaching on his own for classes given through the University of Washington Experimental College as well as working with Carl Warmenhoven and the students of the Puget Sound Community School.  He has taught joke writing at 826 Seattle and given seminars to comedians in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada;  Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin; and Zagreb, Croatia.  He has also coached individual comedians of all ability levels.

Peter looks forward to working with you and sharing his love of the craft of comedy material development and sharing what he knows about becoming an effective comedy performer.  He also knows what it takes to help each comedy student find and refine their own personal comedic style and voice 

If you’re looking for Seattle stand up comedy classes, Peter Greyy’s Beginning Stand-Up Comedy class is a great place to start.