Learn voice acting in a friendly and supportive environment in this online Seattle voice over class!

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Class 163297: Voiceover 101 - Online Class
Saturdays 10 a.m.-12 p.m. PST
2/18, 2/25, 3/4, 3/11 (2023) (4 meetings)

  • Looking for an ONLINE VOICEOVER CLASS taught by an established professional voice actor?
  • A class which is based in Seattle but can be taken from anywhere where there’s an internet connection?
  • In this helpful introductory class, you’ll learn about the real world of voice acting, including how to have the best odds of making it in the business. 


  • “This was a well rounded class that provided a great introduction to the voice over industry including home studio equipment, conducting business, style and genres, script analysis, and practice. It’s perfect for someone completely new to the field. Sean is a great coach and instructor who has industry experience and is great at identifying and improving your individual strengths and styles.” –S. Roe
  • “Sean Daeley’s Voice Over 101 class was excellent! He provided a lot of information about how to get started in Voice Over, and taught fundamentals about each different genre of Voice Over. His coaching was outstanding, giving clear advice about how to sound more natural and engaging.” – J. Hamilton
  • “This is a great introduction to voice over. Not only did the instructor, Sean, provide excellent overview of the industry and genres, we had plenty of time to work with the material and receive personal coaching feedback. Definitely recommended.” – S. Near
  • Sean is an excellent instructor, and he clearly cares about helping people. He sent us long, thoughtful emails when we asked him for help outside of class, and he often went over our class time to ensure everyone could have a chance to perform. He also helped the class feel like a safe, judgement-free environment to perform in,which is a big deal for someone like me with almost no performance background. I\recommend him enthusiastically. – R. Klein
  • I really enjoyed VO101 and I’m looking forward to learning even more in VO102. Sean is a great instructor! He is very patient and helpful and his critiques really help you be a better voice actor. When I needed help outside of class with what audio equipment to purchase Sean sent a lengthy email and answered all my questions. He also provided us with documents that had mentors, equipment based on price, basically a full guide on how to pursue this and that was really valuable! He also never rushed anyone in the performance section of class and always made sure everyone had the same amount of time and attention. – B. Williams

Advantages of learning online

  • In light of recent events, we have made changes to accommodate those interested in our voice acting course by moving it completely online.
  • Online Voice Acting Instruction is actually very popular with potential students, as it allows them access to industry experts outside their immediate area.
  • Also, since a number of Voice Acting jobs are conducted from home studios, this provides the perfect practice for working from home for students interested in pursuing professional work.
  • Classes will be held through the Zoom web conferencing app.  Zoom is free and easy-to-use, and you can learn more about how to get set up using the details beneath the course description:

In this class you’ll learn:

  • How to create characters for commercials, narration, animation.
  • How to train your voice with articulation exercises and warm-ups.
  • How to analyze a script to identify audience and context.
  • How to communicate emotions.
  • How to engage with your audience.
  • How to self-direct.
  • How to identify your vocal type.

About the instructor

  • Sean is a Seattle-based voice talent with over seven years of experience creating voiceovers for Commercials, Corporate Narrations, Audiobooks, Guided Tours, eLearning modules, and video games.
  • He is frequently cast as teachers, doctors, and executives, and even the occasional prince!
  • With his Educational and Performance backgrounds,  Sean marries his love of the written word with an honest desire to connect with his audience through effective communication and impactful performances.
  • This experience has proven invaluable in his work as the Manager of the Global Voice Acting Academy’s Membership Program, where he helps GVAA’s members receive the resources and support they need to reach their own voiceover goals.

About our Voiceover Acting classes

There’s acting in person, on stage or in front of the camera – and then there’s voice acting.  Voice acting is the art of doing voice-over work on a wide range of features such as TV shows and feature films, animated shorts, commercials, radio plays, documentaries, video games and more.

In voice acting, the actor’s face never appears on screen, but he or she has the opportunity to create a character and make a connection with the audience using only vocals.  An actor might be twenty, forty, or sixty years old, but using your voice you can create a character of any age, nationality or species.

You can use your voice to create characters who are svelte and frumpy, attractive or repulsive, hopeless or sexy, young or old, funny or dramatic. Voice acting is fun, and a great way for actors to improve their general acting skills on and off the screen.   Most students in our voiceover classes are adults. Our online voiceover classes are the perfect way to start learning and improving your voice acting skills.