A follow up for students who’ve completed Chad’s Improv 101 class! Open to everyone who has taken 101. Take your improv to the next level in this enjoyable workshop. 

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Class 31583-5-20: Improv 102: A fun 1-Day Workshop -
Sunday 7/21 only, 11 am-3:30 pm
Tuition: $125 + $10 registration fee
University of Washington campus - Seattle
Max. enrollment: 12. Enrolled so far: 2

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About the Instructor  Chad O’Bara has been studying improvisational theater since 2006. He has been a cast member of Unexpected Productions at The Market Theater since 2009. In 2011 he studied at Chicago’s Second City. Before finding improv, he trained in the dramatic arts both at Washington State University and Cornish College CHAD3.1-150x150of the Arts. Also an avid filmmaker, he has made several short films both during and after his tenure at The Seattle Film Institute. He has been teaching improv since 2012. He has acted on stage, TV and in independent short films.  He can currently be seen on stage at The Market Theater for various shows. 

Comments about Chad’s improv classes:

  • Just wanted to take a minute to recognize Chad O’Bara for his outstanding work with (the improv class).  There are a lot of different teaching and learning styles, but Chad did a great job of always catering to the classes needs, shifting gears when necessary, and most importantly keeping it fun.  Had I been the instructor, there were many times where I would have gotten frustrated when the class didn’t follow along or started to get off focus.  Chad skillfully re-focused us and never appeared frustrated.  He obviously is very passionate about Improv and really enjoys teaching.  Like the rest of my class, I really feel lucky to have had him as a teacher and will definitely recommend classes to others.  In addition, because of my positive experience with Chad, I look forward to continuing the progression of Improv classes myself.  Thanks for such a great experience! – Josh
  • I recently took (Improv) with Chad O’Bara. It was a great class and Chad was wonderful! He explained concepts of improv very well, he pushed us just the right amount, and most of all, he made the class fun.  – Jean
  • Chad was a GREAT teacher, very clear communicator, great encourager, helped everyone have a fun time, while introducing new things for us to learn and practice. I really enjoyed the class and his teaching.  Give him a raise please!! (unsigned)
  • Chad was great, patient with all levels of skill. (unsigned)
  • Chad is an awesome teacher of improv! (unsigned)
  • Chad was my first improv teacher. He’s fantastic. – J.G, Seattle