• Our voice acting instructor, Rick May, is currently dealing with a health issue.  So we’ve stopped taking enrollments on his upcoming classes for the moment.
  • We’re sending him good wishes for a quick recovery, and are hoping to resume taking enrollments soon.

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The instructor of this class is dealing with a health issue, and has stopped teaching it for the time being. We hope he'll be feeling better soon. When he is, we'll list the new class dates and times here.

Class #158542: Accents for Actors -
4 meetings. Sundays - 1 pm- 3 pm -

Are you an actor, or actor-in-training, who’s interested in learning how to speak believably in a variety of different accents and dialects? 

Let’s say you’re from the midwest, but your character is from the Bronx, or that you’re auditioning for the part of a character from Germany, Russia, Italy or Australia, or a totally different part of the United States? Do you feel comfortable and confident auditioning for the part?

In this class, helpful to both voiceover actors and “regular” actors, you’ll get practice speaking all of these accents and more, along with guidance and helpful tips from the instructor, an established voiceover actor.  –  About the instructor

Note: You can take this class just for fun, or apply it toward our Voiceover Acting Certificate program. 

As actors, we want to do our characters justice… to sound, look and feel like the people we’re portraying. Yet we may feel limited and afraid to audition for roles because of our limited knowledge of styles of vocalization.

  • The good news is, we are not limited to speaking only in the accents we grew up around.  Accents can be learned, and actors have quick and easy ways of learning them, that the instructor will share in this class.
  • Learning to speak in a range of different accents is fun, and adds a new and exciting element to your arsenal of acting and auditioning skills. Let’s say you’re from the midwest, but your character is from the Bronx.  Or you’re auditioning for the part of a German, Russian, Italian or Australian. Could you pull off the characterization convincingly?  You’ll learn elements that may make a decisive difference, and you’ll get practice speaking all of these accents and more in this class.
  • In this enjoyable Seattle acting class, open to actors and others, you’ll learn the key elements that make it possible to speak in a wide range of different accents, including:
      1. French
      2. Spanish
      3. Italian
      4. Chinese
      5. Mongolian
      6. Japanese
      7. Russian
      8. New York
      9. German
      10. British (high British and low British)
      11. Australian
      12. Southern United States

You’ll have a chance to listen to the accent and gain an understanding of it, then practice and speak it in class, and get individual help from the instructor.  You’ll learn how to key in on what makes an accent real and believable, while avoiding stereotypical approaches that don’t work and aren’t as convincing.  You’ll have fun and learn a lot.