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This class is for students who have completed the instructor’s ACTING 101 class (or a similar class or workshop), and would like to continue learning and improving their foundation acting skills.

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SUNDAY CLASS (starts on April 4)

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SATURDAY CLASS (starts on May 2)

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  • MEETING 1: In this class, we’ll do some quick warm-ups and introductions; do an improv exercise called “Shopkeeper;” and start talking about, and doing exercises around, the “Big Six” questions to ask when approaching a scene.
  • MEETING 2: More work on “the big six.” How to use improv in character development. Plus, students will learn how to do several types of “reads,” including table reads, improv reads, and cold reads. Plus: “quick memorization” exercises.
  • MEETING 3: Rehearsing and performing a short scene in front of the class.
  • MEETING 4: Performing a longer, more complex scene.
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In this class, you’ll learn how to approach scripts professionally, focusing on your character’s goal (what he or she wants in the scene); motivation (why it matters); and other key elements of acting, to bring the character you’re portraying into focus and bring the scene to life.

We’ll do more improv, scene work, and warm up exercises, while moving students’ acting abilities to the next level.  As in all of our classes, there’s lots of performance time and practice in class. Fun times! And lots of learning. Instructor: Nils Osmar




Some students have emailed me asking about the Intermediate Acting class, how it’s different from the Beginning Acting class, and how it fits into the range of acting classes I offer.
Beginning Acting is intended as an introduction to acting (laying the foundations for developing a range of different skills). This class is taking things to the next level.

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Student comments about this class:

Beginning Acting was fun; Intermediate Acting was where the real work started. The instructor worked hard to give students a solid foundation in pursuing their goals in the field. I highly recommend this class. – A.M., Seattle

I loved the first meeting… I feel like I finally understand the idea of ‘objective’ in a way I can actually use. When it clicked it was like a light going on. I don’t need to plan the emotions at all, just find who my character is and what she wants. Everything falls into place. Yay! Great class, Nils! – Mary R., Bellevue

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