ACTOR HEADSHOTS – for Rekindle School students

For Rekindle School students

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Item 31900:

• For students has taken a class through our program, now or in the past.
• You do not need to be a current student.

$150 + $10 processing fee


For non-Rekindle School students

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Item 31899:

For Seattle actors who have NOT taken classes through Rekindle School.

$250 + $10 processing fee

  • Are you a student in the REKINDLE SCHOOL program, getting ready to audition for the first time?
  • Or a Seattle actor in need of a professional ACTOR HEADSHOT at an affordable price? 
  • Is your old headshot getting a little dog-eared and dated? 
  • Have you changed your “look,” style or hair since it was taken?
  • Or are you auditioning for a different character type these days, and needing new headshot to reflect it?
  • Whether you’re an established Seattle actor in need of a new headshot, or a student in our program ready to start auditioning, a high quality headshot will help you respond to audition notices with confidence.
  • Actor headshots can cost hundreds of dollars. Our service is designed to give students a professional quality headshot at an affordable price.  
  • All photos © Mike Nakamura 2019

How it works

  • You sign up and prepay using the “sign me up” button.
  • We process your order and put you in touch with the photographer, who arranges a time and place to meet you.
  • The photographer’s studio is in Bellevue.
  • Note: To keep the headshots affordable, this is a “no frills” service.  You are responsible for your own hair and makeup. It’s fine to bring someone to help do your makeup if you like.
  • If this is your first headshot, we encourage students to take our Auditioning 101: Headshots, Reels and Resumes class first, to help you plan your headshot session. 
  • Many actor headshots need a minor retouch (removing stray hairs, lightening or removing temporary features such as pimples, etc.) A (simple) basic retouch in Photoshop is included. If you want more comprehensive retouch, it is available for an additional fee.
  • The photographer will take multiple shots. You will have an opportunity to view the photos on-screen after they have been taken, and choose five of them.
  • High resolution digital files of the five you choose will be sent to you by email.
  • The price includes full rights to use the photos taken as actor headshots without paying an additional fee. 
  • As with all headshots, the photographer’s fee does not include printing, which can be done at any good copy or print shop.


I’m a student in a different school. Can I pay the student rate? 

At this point the discounted rate is only available for current or former students in the Rekindle School program. But anyone can buy a non-discounted headshot 

What if I pay, but then am not able to schedule a time that works mutually for myself and the photographer? 

There’s usually no problem in scheduling, but if that happens, just let us know and we will issue a full refund.