Our apologies, but due to circumstances beyond our control, this class has been canceled for fall quarter. We will be rescheduling it in early 2019. Please check back!

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT a Beginning Acting class. If you are new to acting, take ACTING 101 first.

  • In this class, open to adults 18 and older, students learn the basics of acting for the camera and working on a film set.
  • All work will be filmed and reviewed in class.
  • The class covers working with and without dialogue, acting choices, eye lines, continuity, coverage, working with scene partners, and more.
  • We will also begin to look at analyzing a film script to prepare for playing a role.
  • Actors and other artists of all skill levels are welcome.
  • A great class for stage actors wanting to learn about how to adapt their skills to the camera.
  • Instructor:  Meredith Binder

Questions and answers

Can anyone take this class?

It’s open to students 18 and older.  However, if you are new to acting, you should take Acting 101 before taking this class. If you’re younger than 18, take the Acting for Kids and Teens class instead.

What’s the difference between this class and Let’s Make a Movie?

In Acting for the Camera, you’ll learn techniques specific to on-camera acting, and be able to practice in front of a camera. In Let’s Make a Movie we actually make a short film.

Can you tell me about the instructor’s background?

Seattle actor and instructor Meredith Binder is an actress and producer, known for A Crime to Remember (2013), Invisible Ink (2015) and Beloved Beast (2018). See full bio.