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Class #171959:
Jumpstart Your Memory!
Memorization skills for actors and others
Tuition: $99 +$10 registration fee
Saturdays, 12:30pm-2:30pm
July 7 and July 14 (two meetings)
Seattle: University of Washington campus
Max. enrollment: 12. Spaces open: 11

This class is primarily intended for actors. But anyone looking for a workshop in improving memorization skills is welcome to take it.

Do you love acting, but struggle with memorization and spend way too much time on it? Is memorizing dialogue a source of stress instead of a fun little step along the road to a relaxed performance?

In this class you’ll learn methods that can make a night and day difference in how easy it is to learn dialogue. We’ll do exercises actors can use to speed memorization up, and leave you free to focus on the more interesting and important elements of acting. You’ll learn techniques to help you memorize large blocks of dialogue quickly and with much less effort and angst than some people put into it.

We’ll also dispel some myths about memorizing and put them to rest. Memorizing is not “just practice,” and it has nothing to do with how hard you try.  Whether you think of yourself as having a fantastic memory or a very poor memory, the methods we’ll be learning and practicing in this class can help.