• This class is for students who would like to refine and improve their acting skills,  get experience acting in a movie that will play in a major Seattle theater, and get some fun new material for their actor reels.
  • It is open to everyone who has taken Acting 101 or another acting class from Rekindle School.
  • During the class, we’ll do a bunch of fun acting and improve exercises, exploring action and horror genres.
  • Then, after the class has ended, everyone who took it will be invited to  join the Rekindle Team, and make an action/horror movie in the 48 Hour Horror Film Project in October.
  • The date of the screening is tentative at this point but will be confirmed soon. It should be very close to the date shown.


  • Enrollments are now open for the SEPTEMBER 2019 class!
  • To sign up, use the link below: 

Class 179586-5-21: Class 179586-5-11:
Class times: Mondays, 6 pm-8:30 pm
Class dates: September 16, 23, 30 and Oct. 7
Film date: Saturday October 19, from 8 am-7 pm
Location for class: UW campus, Seattle
Location for filming: Greater Seattle area

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How it works

Making a 48 Hour movie is really fun. We get our assignment on a Friday night; film the movie on Saturday; it will be edited on a Sunday; then a week later, we get to watch it on a big movie screen in a major Seattle theater.  Fun times!!

Teams are not allowed to write, edit or film their 48 hour movies in advance. So we will not be doing that in the class. But we can meet and run drills to sharpen up our acting skills and build team cohesiveness in preparation for the event. 


  • QUESTION: What will we be doing in the class?
    We’ll do improv exercises, scripted exercises, and “quick filming” exercises to fine-tune and hone our acting skills, and get the group working together as a team. Then when the class is over, everyone who was in the class who wants to, is welcome to join the Rekindle School team and film a movie.
  • QUESTION: Do we all write the movie as a group?
    ANSWER: No. There will be opportunities after the class (on the Friday night before filming) for everyone to throw in ideas and suggestions.  But due to time considerations, the instructor will write the script and send it out to the cast (those who took the class) on Friday night. (Filming will take place all-day Saturday) We’ve found this works best, because it’s actually harder to write a film under intense deadline pressure, with a bunch of different people working on it.
  • QUESTION: What will the film be about?
    ANSWER: It’s a horror movie festival, so we know it will have elements related to horror. We also know that it will have lots of ACTION and FIGHTING. (We can put some fights in regardless of the sub-genre.) But we won’t know our exact genre (or sub-genre) the day before filming. (This is to keep scripts from being written in advance.) Our film could be about zombies, vampires, or any other genre related to horror.
  • QUESTION: Will we all edit the movie together?
    ANSWER: No, that would be impossible. (Most editing for 48 hour films ends up being done in the middle of the night!) The focus of the class is on training and upgrading students’ acting skills, as preparation to give a great acting performance in a 48 hour film.
  • QUESTION: Do I have to take a class like this, in order to participate in 48 hour film competitions?
    ANSWER: No, not at all. 48 Hour Film festivals are open to anyone who pays the entry fee, finds or rents a location, sets up a team, and can write and film and edit a movie and get it turned in by the deadline. 
  • This class is for folks who would like to: (1) hone and improve their acting skills in a class, then (2) join the students from the class to make a unique and fun movie together. Nils Osmar, instructor

Movies we’ve made in previous 48 hour film competitions: