• WHO CAN SIGN UP? This class is open to everyone who has taken Acting 101 or another acting class from Rekindle School – or has the instructor’s permission.

  • During the class, we’ll do a bunch of fun acting and improv exercises ––– different from the ones done in any other classes.
  • After the class ends, everyone in it will be invited to join the Rekindle School Team and make an action/horror movie in the 48 Hour Horror Film Festival in October.
  • If the class gets too large for everyone in it to have speaking roles, we’ll make TWO movies and both will be in the competition.
  • Fun times!



Making a 48 Hour movie is really fun.

  • We get our assignment (our movie’s exact genre, line of dialogue, prop, and a character and occupation) on FRIDAY OCTOBER 18 at 7 pm.
  • The instructor will write the script on FRIDAY NIGHT and email it to the class by midnight.
  • We’ll film the movie the next day (SATURDAY OCTOBER 19).
  • It’ll be edited on SUNDAY OCTOBER 2Oth (and turned in by the 7 pm deadline).
  • Two weeks later, our movie will play on a movie screen in a major Seattle theater (along with several other movies made in the fest.) 
  • And a few weeks after that, there will be an awards ceremony at the theater for the winning films (which everyone can attend). Fun times!


What will our movie be about?

We won’t know till the Friday before we film it. We do know that it’s horror.  But horror has lots of sub-genres. Whatever sub-genre we’re assigned, we’ll roll with it and have fun.

Can we write the movie in class?
No, that would be a violation of the contest rules.
Our focus in the class will be on honing and sharpening our acting skills so that on the day of filming, we’ll be ready to hit the ground running and make a great little film.

Will we all write it  as a group?
No. The instructor will write it.

Can students suggest script ideas?
Yes. There will be opportunities on the Friday night before filming, once we know our horror genre, for everyone who has ideas, to email them in to Nils.  All suggestions must be received by 7:30 pm on Friday. Nils will then turn off his email and write the script. The scriptwill be finished and emailed out to the class by midnight on Friday. We film it the next day.

What will the film be about?
We do know it has to be a horror film. 
But we won’t know our exact genre (or sub-genre) the day before filming. (This is to keep scripts from being written in advance.) Our film could be about zombies, vampires, or any other genre related to horror.

We also know that our film will have lots of ACTION and FIGHTING –– not because the festival requires it, but because movies with fighting are fun.

Will we all edit the movie together?
No, that would be impossible. Most editing for 48 hour films ends up being done in the middle of the night!

Do I have to take a class like this, in order to participate in 48 hour film competitions?
No. 48 Hour Film festivals are open to anyone who pays the entry fee, finds or rents a location, sets up a team, finds a director, cinematographer, composer, and editor, and can write and film and edit a movie and get it turned in by the deadline.

How many of the students will be in the movie?
Everyone in the class who wants to be in the movie, and shows up ready to be filmed, will be in it.

Will there be dialogue to learn?
48 hour movies are short (they are limited to 7 minutes plus credits), so there will be some dialogue to learn, but not a huge amount.

If you’ve taken any other acting classes from me through Rekindle, you’re welcome to sign up! Nils Osmar, instructor


Here’s the preview for a movie Team Rekindle made in a recent 48 Hour Film. Our movie was called “Pick a Genre” 

Movies we’ve made in previous 48 hour film competitions: