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  • Hi everyone! It was good meeting all of you in the first meeting of the Acting 102 class today.
  • The assignment for this week is to read over this script: I LIKE YOUR HAIR – script for class 
  • The password to view the script is 12345
  • After reading it over, memorize it for next week.
  • Memorize either the role of Jay or the role of Tulsi.
  • Aim to learn them well enough that you can do them without a script in hand. (This is the same thing I would recommend if you were auditioning, and had been sent some lines to learn.) I recommend the methods we’ve been using, i.e., read over the script; break it into sections; learn each section. It can also help to record and listen to it, and pause the recording to say your lines. Remember the “one letter one word” method also helps most folks memorize accurately.
  • Also give some thought to what the characters are saying and why. What does Tulsi want? How about Jay? What’s her objective? IN PARTICULAR – Does she want to break up with him? Is that why she’s meeting with him? Or is this meal, and what she tells him during it, her way of seeing whether he might finally change in a way she’s been wanting him to change? 
  • What’s Jay’s goal or objective? What’s obvious from the script? And are there any other possibilities that might not be obvious?
  • See you in class! – Nils

If you’d like a review about how to memorize, here’s the “one letter one word” method: