Seattle Writing Classes: Start Writing Your Novel!

Thinking about writing a novel? Get off to a good start in this class.  We’ll look at character, plot and story structure, and do some in-class writing exercises to get you rolling. Plus, you’ll learn about a storytelling template with roots in cultures around the world, and how it can be used to solve common story structure problems and bring your project into focus.

Students will have the opportunity to share their writings in class and get feedback from the instructors and others. You’ll also learn about how to approach publishers, copyrighting your novel and more.  Whether you’re in the early planning stages of writing a novel, or have been thinking about one for a while and need a boost to get it moving again, this class will help.  More Seattle Writing Classes

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Start Writing Your Novel 
Tuition: $99 + $10 reg. fee
Sign up now for the April 2017 class:
Mondays, 7pm-8:30pm
4/3, 4/10, 4/17 (three meetings)
Lake City Community Center (Seattle)
This class has free parking

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Nils Osmar has taught writing for fifteen years. His first book, The Hungry Time, was published in 1996, and was featured on public radio and Alaska Reader.  It is available on

Hi, Nils:

You may not remember me, but a few years ago I took my first-ever creative writing class with you… The class had such a profound impact on me that I immediately applied to graduate programs to pursue a Master’s Degree in creative writing. I was fortunate to be accepted to a wonderful school in Los Angeles, and recently graduated with distinction. I have also completed my first novel, and many times throughout the writing/editing process, I would sometimes hear your voice in my head saying, “Show, don’t tell,” and, “Watch for excessive modifiers.” 

I also teach English now, and I’ve realized how meaningful it can be to hear from students who have valued your instruction. To that end, I want to thank you for giving me my first “push” and encouraging me to continue doing what I love. I plan to move back to Seattle in the coming months, and I hope I’ll run into you sometime so I can thank you in person.

I hope you’re continuing to teach and to inspire. 

Kristen B.

Want to thank you again for a great class.  Your low key way of teaching is informative but not overwhelming.  I am looking forward to working on my novel.

Smooth sailing to you..

S. Allbright