Tuition $125 + $10 registration fee
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Video Editing in Premiere Pro
Tuition: $125 + $10 reg. fee
May2017 class: Saturday 10am-3:30pm
May 13 only (1-day workshop)
Seattle: University of Washington campus

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vide3dit1About the instructor:  Jon Peck holds a degree in Computer Science from Cornell University.  Over the last two decades, he has worked as a web & software consultant, teacher, and advisor for companies large and small, from major hospitals & colleges to independent small businesses & artists.  He is also a freelance filmmaker and video editor.  Jon also teaches our popular WordPress for Beginners class.

manwithgun1Are you new to video editing, and interested in learning how it works and getting off to a good start?

Do you currently make videos with iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, or post them right to YouTube with no editing at all?

Perhaps you’ve used Final Cut Pro video editing software for years, but want to expand your range?

Adobe Premiere is an incredibly powerful, professional-grade video editing software package.  In this class, you’ll learn key basics of how the program works, then learn:

  • the basics of video editing: invisible cuts, b-roll, footage importation, timeline management, etc
  • when and how to use (or avoid!) visual effects & custom transitions
  • basic color correction (both automatic & manual)
  • audio cleanup & leveling, transcription, and addition of music & sound effects
  • how to export and digitally distribute your movie
  • how to get access to Premiere and other Adobe apps at a (very) reasonable cost

Note: You do NOT have to buy Adobe Premiere to take this class.  You can download a FREE version for a one month free trial. (It’s best to wait and download it right before the class starts, so you can use it for the whole duration of the class.) (Then after the class ends, you can decide whether to buy the software or rent it inexpensively on a month to month basis from Adobe.)

For students with Final Cut Pro experience, we’ll discuss the differences (and advantages) you’ll experience with Premiere, and how to transition your projects between the two editing suites.

Note: This class is not held in a computer lab. It’s held in a regular classroom, using an LCD projector hooked up to a laptop.  Students can either bring their own laptops to work along, or simply watch the presentation and take notes.  (Holding it in a regular classroom allows us to keep the tuition much more affordable.)  An online connection will be available for those with laptops.

Examples of videos edited by the instructor:

Another video edited by the instructor:

Looking for step-by-step video editing training and instruction? In this Seattle video editing class, you’ll:

  •  learn how to create your own professional quality videos from a skilled, experienced instructor.
  •  save hundreds of dollars compared to the tuition of some other classes.

FAQ about our Seattle Video Editing Classes

“What is Adobe Premiere?”
Adobe Premiere is a powerful tool that can be used for editing home videos, as well as fully professional movies intended for the major film festivals.

“Will we be learning the Pro version or the stripped down version?”
We’ll be learning the pro version (Adobe Premiere Pro CS6) in this class.

“I’d like to take a class, but I’m not rich.  Where can I find Seattle video editing classes at an affordable price?”
We’ve done our best to keep all of our classes affordable.  You’ll learn all of the basics about how to use Adobe Premiere, for a tuition of $125, much less than some programs charge.

“Will you have more advanced video editing courses, for students who finish the introductory class and would like to keep learning?”
If students request this, it’s definitely possible.

“I’m really new at this, and have never edited a video. Is this a good class for total beginners?”
Yes.  You don’t have to have any prior experience using Premiere, or doing video editing.  Total beginners are welcome.

“Where in Seattle is the class held? (What part of the city?)”
It’s held on the University of Washington campus, about five minutes from downtown Seattle.

“I make videos just for fun.  Will this class benefit me?”
Almost certainly. Whether you’re creating videos for your own enjoyment, to share with friends, to post online and share on Facebook, or to post on a professional web page, Adobe Premiere can be used to give them a fully professional look and feel, and this class will show you how to use it.

manwithgun1We live in an exciting period of time, in which anyone can make a movie quickly and easily using videdo editing software on a home computer.  In this class, you’ll learn video editing step-by-step from a seasoned professional.

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