wordpress-pic-1Looking to create a fully functional website for yourself or your business?

Perhaps you have a site already, but it is outdated or managed by an expensive consulting company?  Whether you’re a businessperson or a blogger, this class will give you the tools to build your own website, using the popular (and free!) WordPress platform.

A student comments:

“I recently finished Jon Peck’s WordPress for Beginners class and could not be more satisfied with the teaching style and information presented. From a frustrated and beginning state with a non-linear brain, I was able to design a satisfying website on WordPress and know how to maintain it.

Jon Peck is a very gifted teacher and truly cares about the value he delivers to his students. It’s a rare combination to be both very knowledgeable in the intricacies of IT and a tuned-in and empathetic teacher. Jon goes the extra mile to make sure his students are “getting” the material he delivers and his work ethic is laudable. I feel like this is the best value I’ve gotten from a learning experience in a very long time” – Diane K.


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wplogo1About the instructor:  Jon Peck holds a degree in Computer Science from Cornell University.  Over the last two decades, he has worked as a web & software consultant, teacher, and advisor for companies large and small, from major hospitals & colleges to independent small businesses & artists. 

You may have heard of WordPress being used for blogs, but it can do much, much more.  In this class, you’ll learn:

  • how to design your own complete website with easy-to-use tools (no HTML coding skills required!)
  • what templates and images are available to you, and how to use them
  • how to pick a domain name (www._____.com) and help search engines find it
  • the basics of e-commerce: making it possible for customers to shop & pay online
  • what WordPress plugins and widgets are, and how to use them
  • for people with HTML or coding experience: ways to add custom code to your site
  • tons of other stuff about WordPress, the web, and online business

By the end of the class, you can have your own brand-new, modern website up and running, and will be able to manage the site yourself without bringing in an expensive consultant!

Note: Our WordPress classes are not held in a computer lab.  They are held in a regular classroom, using an LCD projector hooked up to a laptop.  Students can either bring their own laptops to work along, or simply watch the presentation and take notes.  (Holding it in a regular classroom allows us to keep the tuition much more affordable about half the price it would be, if we held it in a computer lab.)  An online connection will be available for those with laptops.

Looking for step-by-step WordPress training? In this Seattle WordPress class, you’ll:

  •  learn how to create your own WordPress website from a skilled, experienced instructor.
  •  save hundreds of dollars compared to the tuition of some other classes.

FAQ about our Seattle WordPress classes

“What is WordPress?”
WordPress is a powerful tool that can be used for everything from writing and sharing blogs to creating state-of-the-art websites.

“I’d like to take a class, but I’m not rich.  Where can I find a WordPress classes at an affordable price?”
We’ve done our best to keep the Seattle WordPress class affordable.  You’ll learn all of the basics about how to use WordPress, for a tuition of $150, much less than some programs charge.

“Will you have more advanced WordPress courses, for students who finish the introductory class and would like to keep learning?”
We will likely be offering a follow up to the WordPress for Beginners class in the future.

“I’m really new at this, and have never set up a website. Is this a good class for total beginners?”
Yes.  You don’t have to have any prior experience using WordPress or making websites, to learn and benefit from the class.

“I run a small business, and am looking for small business web design options.  Can WordPress be used effectively to create websites for small businesses?”
Yes.  Many successful small business websites have been designed using WordPress.  Our Seattle WordPress classes can help.

Whether your goal is to use WordPress to blog, or to set up a high-powered interactive website, this class will help.

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A note from the Director about Jon’s WordPress for Beginners class 


Instructor is clearly very knowledgeable and a good teacher.  Also, I appreciated his answering a few questions outside of class via email. – L.R., Seattle

(I signed up because) I was looking for Seattle WordPress training… your class was affordable and I would recommend it. – J.T., Seattle

Jon is a good teacher. I learned what I was hoping to. – N.D., Seattle

Thanks for sponsoring the class! It’s a real resource for Seattle. – C.D., Kent

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