DRAWING CLOTHING and DRAPERY (a “one night wonder” class)

man nilsIf you’ve tried drawing or painting people, but weren’t sure how to make the clothing look real, this class will help.  You’ll learn about:

  • the seven different folds, and how to draw them
  • tension points, tension lines and support points – and how they can make the clothing connect beautifully with the figure
  • how to suggest textures such as silk, denim and leather in your drawings or paintings

Whether you do realistic drawings and paintings, draw comics and graphic novels, or just want to learn for the fun of it, this Seattle clothing drawing class will help. You’ll leave the class with a better understanding of where folds come from, how they change as the figure moves in space, and how to draw them. Absolute beginners welcome!


This “One Night Wonder” class has free art materials which you can use in the class and take home afterward.  (They are yours to keep.)  So there’s no need to bring or buy anything. The materials include:

  1. A soft-lead drawing pencil (Ebony prismacolor black)
  2. An HB mechanical pencil (0.5 mm lead)
  3. Drawing paper (individual sheets) (medium tooth)
  4. A kneaded eraser
  5. A small tortillion blending stump for shading
  6. A set of printed handouts with step-by-step instructions, that you can use to keep practicing and improving after the class.

Answers to common questions!

  • Have favorite art materials of your own? Feel free to bring them along if you’d like.
  • The Greenwood Center has a huge parking lot where our students can park for free.
  • This class is appropriate for all ages.  (Almost all of our students are adults.)
Tuition: $55 + $10 registration fee ($5 for students/seniors)
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☽ Drawing Clothing and Drapery
A "one night wonder" art class!
Tuesday 6pm-8pm
11/8 only (one meeting)
* This class has FREE art materials
Greenwood Center (near Green Lake in Seattle)

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 Student comments

  • Thanks again for the class. It answered my questions and made a lot more sense of things for me. – Judith R. , Seattle
  • I’ve always been fairly comfortable drawing people, but I never knew what to do when it was time to draw the clothes on them. The class made a lot of sense and was just what I was looking for.  – Michelle P., Seattle
  • I’m encouraged! My drawings are starting to look more real… – Perry M., Bellevue
  • I’ve always loved sketching people… I’m no Rembrandt but I have fun trying. But drawing clothes on them would ruin the drawings. I was hoping to learn how to draw them realistically, and that’s exactly what happened. – M.G., Seattle
  • Another good class Nils. Thanks! Learning about the different types of folds was extremely helpful. – H.I., Redmond
  • I learned just what I was hoping to. I would highly recommend the instructor’s classes. – Gene J, Bothell


Nils Osmar has made his living in the arts since the 1980s, and has taught both accredited and non-accredited classes in Seattle for over twenty years, through the University of Washington’s ASUW Experimental College, Antioch University’s Heritage Institute, Shoreline Community College, and Classesandworkshops.com.  His visual art classes and workshops include art classes, drawing classes, painting classes and more.  More information

He has worked as a fine and commercial artist, and done book and magazine illustration, design, book covers and interiors. His artwork has been internationally published.

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